We all go through some pain from time to time. Back strains are the most common. There are a few ways of dealing with this pain. You can take some painkillers or have a massage. Alternatively, you can try spinal decompression therapy. If you don’t know about it, you can always Google ‘spinal decompression near me in Allen Tx’ or you can read this article.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a form of treatment for back pain aimed at creating negative intradiscal pressure. A pulling action (gentle) is conducted to create an elongating effect.

Why is it done?

Discs don’t get blood directly due to their vascular nature. They also don’t get nutrients directly since blood is needed to carry the nutrients.

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Instead, your discs use diffusion to get the nutrients and remove waste to the nearby blood vessels. If the process is inhibited, the degeneration of discs can be accelerated, and it can also lead to loss of function.

If an expert conducts a spinal decompression, the discs bring more nutrients. It is also believed that decompression of the spine can help with herniated discs.

Evidence on Spinal Decompression

There hasn’t been a lot of research on this subject, so it is fair to say it is still in its infancy stage. No evidence that suggests this treatment is better than others. This does not mean it is not good, though.

Studies conducted are already showing that this treatment is quite good when it comes to treating low back disorders. A study conducted in 2001 showed positive results on random patients who received spine decompressions. Another group received the TENS treatment during the same survey.

The group which received spine decompression experienced a more significant reduction of pain than the one that received TENS treatment. Although the study was conducted only on 40 patients, it still shows this treatment is effective.

Another study on the same was conducted in 1998. The study had its concentration on patients suffering from degenerated or herniated discs, and facet syndrome. The success rate for spine decompression was 71%. The pain was noted to decrease to a 0 or one out of five.

Another study conducted in 2003 also showed positive results. More than 92% of the people in the study experienced reduced back pain. Gionis et al. performed the treatment. It is worth noting that none of the studies compared the treatment to a non-treatment group

Final Words

Low back pain is stressful. There are a few ways of treating it, and one of the most effective ones is spinal decompression therapy. Several studies have already shown that it can is effective, and it is probably better than other methods.

However, this treatment is not for everyone. People who have undergone spinal fusion, patients of severe osteoporosis, people living with severe compression structures, and people with bone defects are not good candidates. This treatment is not for pregnant women, as well.

Speak to a chiropractor, and he can advise you if the treatment is suitable for you or not. You can speak to us if you are looking for spinal decompression in Allen, TX. Our team is made of experts in this field, and we are here for you. Contact us now.