Treating Sciatica with Physical Therapy

Sciatica refers to the intense and persistent pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatica nerve branches from your lower back through your hips and buttock and flows down along your legs. Most often, sciatica affects only sone side of your body.

When there is a bone spur, herniated disc, or spinal stenosis compresses a part of the nerve, you can suffer from sciatica. Although the pain originates in your lower back, soon, the pain traverses through your hips and down the legs. Hyper or hypomobility of the lumbar spine or short and tight muscles in the back or loges along with poor postural habits can attribute to sciatica.

Apart from the normal medication, physical therapy has been a revelation in treating sciatica. Physical therapy in Allen, TX, can relieve you of the sciatica pains. You can avoid medication and surgery and utilize manipulation, heat, radiation, or electricity to heal the pains of sciatica.

The Symptoms

A number of common symptoms are prevalent and are prominent that signifies you might be suffering from sciatica. Although some can be listed, the symptoms of sciatica are not limited only to these:

  • You might be suffering from constant pain in only one side of the legs of buttock, and seldom the pain might persist on both sides.
  • The pain that had originated in the lower back or the buttocks traverses along the length of the sciatica nerve, all along the thigh and into the lower legs and into the foot.
  • You might experience weakness and numbness or grave difficulty in moving the leg or the foot.
  • Severe pain in the hip
  • You might also experience a burning or tingling sensation down the legs.
  • A severe or shooting pain in one of the legs might be common, and you might be unable to stand or walk.
  • Experiencing a “needle piercing” sensation or a prickling sensation down the leg might indicate you are suffering from sciatica.

Physical Therapy

Although there has been significant development in the field of medical science and surgery, physical therapy is known to serve better to treat sciatica. The most important aspect of physical therapy is to identify the root cause of your pain and to treat it effectively to reduce the chances of recurrence.

A physical therapist can guide you to get back to your active lifestyle without any adverse effects that might be common if you are taking the generic medication. You can also opt for the best physical therapy clinic in Allen, TX. With over a decade of unparalleled experience in the field of physical therapy, spinal manipulation, and physical rehab, we treat you in the best possible way. Our experienced and trained therapists pinpoint your areas of concern and treat you with the innovative and tested methods of treatment.

The cupping method is an ancient mode of alternative treatment that is strategically done by placing a series of specialized cups on your skin to create a suction to treat sciatica. Apart from such innovative treatments, at Allen Health Chiropractic, our therapists use manual therapy, joint mobilization, or traction to treat sciatica.