What You Need to Know About Physiotherapy for ACL Tear

ACL or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the major ligaments in your knees, and injuries to the ACL are common during sports that involve sudden stops, jumping, landing, or sudden change in direction while running. Such damage is common in individuals in their teens or early adulthood and can occur as a result of non-contact pivoting or due to twisting injury.

Once you harm your ACL while playing a game of soccer or basketball, you might hear a “pop” sound inside the knee, and might be accompanied by rapid swelling and fluid build-up. Once you hurt the ACL, you might be asked to undergo physiotherapy. You can search over the internet for “physiotherapy near me” and choose the appropriate clinic.

Surgery of Physiotherapy?

When you tear your anterior cruciate ligament, it isn’t easy to know whether only surgery or only physiotherapy can cure it. In the initial phase of the injury, physiotherapy is the only treatment. Even if the doctor recommends surgery, the swelling has to minimize.

The decision of whether the surgery is essential can be taken during the initial period of recovery and rehabilitation. If you can modify your activities and strengthen the muscles around your knees, then you might do without the surgery.

Surgery is only essential for patients who are symptomatic even after undergoing rehabilitation and physiotherapy. If you are an active person, or a competitive athlete, the surgeon might suggest early surgical treatment to obviate the risk of nee instability in the future.

The Future of the Knee

Even if you undergo physiotherapy or go under the knife to set right the tear or damage in Anterior Cruciate Ligament, the question remains that what would happen to the knee. It is a known clinical fact that patients with ACL tear run the risk of developing osteoarthritis. The unstable knee can cause secondary and tertiary damage to the cartilage and meniscus.

You can be cured of ACL tear if you do not stress the knees much. Pivotal or twisting activities need to be restricted. It is important that you can resume your normal activities and pursue a meaningful life. Physiotherapy can not only reduce the inflammation but can also strengthen the muscles around the knee. Regular physiotherapy can reduce pain considerably.

Non-Surgical Treatment

In order to cure ACL tear, the non-surgical treatments have proven to be effective. Rest can elevate your knee health, and activities as running or walking for a long period may be avoided. Ice compression can reduce swelling and pain.

A trained therapist can mobilize your knee and bring back the lost mobility after a torn ACL. Even if surgery is the ultimate treatment, physiotherapy can prepare the injured knee for surgery by reducing swelling and pain through physiotherapy.

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