What can we do to strengthen our Back in 2019

80% of American adults at some stage in their lifetime experience lower back painIf you fall into any of these categories, then you might have been searching for methods to relieve yourself of this pain. A few easy lifestyle changes could be of immense help this year. To achieve a healthier back and relief, these are well conditioned habits that could assist in achieving that goal.

Lose Those Excess Fats

The excess weight could trigger a strain around your lower back as extra weight results to extra stress in the body. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle which includes excersize and healthy eating. This could be achieved by avoiding meals with high calories and being active on a daily bases. Although, the least in mind during this painful period would be to exercise, the importance of physical activities cannot be overemphasized to achieve a healthy back. 

Optimal Sleeping Position 

Even while sleeping, it is important to maintain an excellent spine alignment. You could try sleeping with your knees in a crooked position while sleeping on your side. To keep the spine aligned, you could also position a small pillow under your neck. To prevent your legs from slipping forward which could cause a twist around the lower back while sleeping, you could place a pillow between your legs.

Office Ergonomics 

The shoulders, neck and back suffer when adequate ergonomics at your workplace are not taken into serious considerations due to the long hours spent behind the desk, hunched over your laptop. To create a healthier work environment, you could place your monitor at a level that meets your eyes. A more comfortable chair that gives your lower back a perfect support should also be considered. Aligned with your torso should be your head and neck. Ensure your elbows stay tight to your body and relax your shoulders with both wrists and forearms proportionate to the floor. 

Reduce Your Screen Time

If you like to slouch while watching the television or while working at the computer as well as game consoles. This could be a significant issue with prolonged exposure. Reduce both you and your children’s gaming screen time as well as hours spent watching videos. It is important to take a 5 minute break from any seated activity to help stretch and promote blood flow through the body.

The ACA recently noted that 20% of those who suffer from lower back pain may end up with cronic back pain. The earlier we can address the underlying issues the better quality of life and less cronic cases may arrise.

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