Did You Know That Your Jaw May Be The Cause Of Your Migraine Headaches?

Could Your Jaw Be Causing Your Migraine Headaches?

Migraine is severe pain felt on the top side of the head. Despite being pain on your head, the problem might be originating from your jaw. The temporomandibular joint connects the jaw to the skull. According to a Migraine Chiropractic Specialist, the joint might be a cause of migraines. The joint has muscles and tightened muscles can cause headaches. 

The muscles in the joint tighten each time you clench or grind your teeth. The pain caused spreads to other parts of your skull leading to headaches. Sometimes it might lead to shoulder pains and toothaches. When the pain is in extreme, it can lead to migraines. 

Are You Experiencing A Headache Or Migraine?

Headaches are common and can be caused by different factors. It might be a sign of illness or it can even be a result of stress. A headache will be a problem only for a few hours. A pain killer can help deal with a headache. 

Migraine, on the other hand, it happens repeatedly. Over 10 per cent of the US population suffers from it. The pain from a migraine is severe. It might be experienced on one side of your head or both. The pain is triggered by different factors such as sound, light, smell, and stress. Migraine can make you a bit sensitive to sound, smell, and light. It can even cause a nauseous feeling. 

The effects of migraine vary from one person to another. Some people experience sensory changes after the headache. Others experience visual changes during and after the headache. Experiencing severe headaches after engaging in physical activities might also be a sign of a migraine. It is worth noting these signs and effects so that you can get help.

Tips for Easing Headache and Migraine Pain 

Some medications can help you deal with both headache and migraine pain. However, buying pain killers over the counter is not a solution. You need to talk to your physician who can advise you accordingly. We would recommend you combine the medication with chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic treatment has been practised since 1895 and is very effective in relieving pain. A chiropractic practitioner uses massage techniques and specific instruments to help alleviate pain. A practitioner can also recommend a therapy can be done from the comfort of your home

Your jaw is not the only cause of migraines. It can be as a result of tight muscles in your shoulders, neck or, head. A chiropractic practitioner will know how to manipulate your body parts to help alleviate pain.  Misaligned vertebrae in your head or upper spine can also cause migraines. Our expert will help realign misaligned vertebrae in your head or upper spine. By aligning the vertebrae, the pain will be relieved. It is normally very effective.

If you think your headache is caused by temporomandibular joint, this can help:

  • Avoid chewing gums and chew mints instead.
  • Stretching your neck regularly can also help. 
  • Try to massage your jaw or have your partner do it.

In case you are confused about migraine and need professional advice, feel free to contact us at Allen Health Chiropractic. We can help you with your migraine or headache in a positive way.

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