Disc Herniation

What is a disc?

There are 23 spinal discs. These discs make space between our spinal bones and give flexibility to the spine. A disc is made up of an inner core of nucleus pulposus, which is gel-like. The outer portion of the disc is called annulus fibrosus and is made up of tough fibres. The outer layer helps contain the inner core. A bulging disc can occur in any of the spinal discs along the spine. A disc bulge can commonly be confused as a disc herniation. A bulging disc is a disc that bulges outside of its normally occupied space between the spinal bones. A spinal bulge can be quite painful or have no symptoms at all. Common symptoms of a spinal bulge are localized pain to the area, tingling, numbness, and weakness. Common causes of a bulging disc are age, injury, lifestyle choices, posture, muscle imbalances, and genetics. After an exam and proper diagnostic imaging, chiropractic care can be a safe and effective treatment for disc bulges at any region of the spine.

Bulging disc treatment options

Typically a multidisciplinary approach is taken for the treatment of the disc bulges or herniated discs.  Initially, a full examination is performed to verify the cause of the pain and confirm the diagnosis. Proper diagnostic imaging such as an x-ray may be ordered to rule out other factors. A  will be a customized plan of chiropractic adjustments, specific exercises and stretches will be formulated. Chiropractic adjustments usually resolve the issue, but if the expected results from the adjustments are not accomplished a referral to our medical doctors may be necessary to assist in the treatment.

For some patients spinal decompression therapy has been found to provide great relief for patients with buldging discs. Contact our spinal decompression therapy clinic if you have any questions.

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