Spinal Decompression Therapy
Allen Texas

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy

At Allen Health Chiropractic, we use decompression therapy as a non-surgical method of receiving upper, mid, lower and neck pain. The spine is made up of dozens of bones and cushioned by a discs called intervertebral discs. Over time with use and poor posture the discs will degenerate which affects the intervertebral discs.

Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression was designed and proven to be an effective way to relieve pain in those who suffer from neck and back pain. Decompression treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Exact details are entered in to a computer and the program begins to relieve pressure.

What does Spinal Decompression Help With?

Spinal decompression mainly relieved pressure and pain in the back and neck area. But it has been known to help with:



Bulging Discs

Degenerative Disc Disease

Worn Spinal Joints

Injured Spinal Nerves

If you frequently experience any of the above symptoms, spinal decompression therapy in Allen Texas may be the solution for you.

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