5 Common Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques That You Can Try for Pain Relief

6 Ways to Improve Back Pain

Back problems are common with over 80 per cent of Americans suffering from them. Back pain can limit your movements and your day to day activities. If you are suffering from this problem, we have some ways to help you. The ways have been tried and tested and they work in alleviating back pain. 

Most people take a bed rest when they are experiencing back pain. They believe that resting helps alleviate pain. However, according to research, those who stay active experience less pain than those who rest. Back Pain Specialist in Allen TX suggests you stay active. However, you should avoid strenuous activities, especially the ones that can cause pain. 


It might sound like exercising will only cause pain but that’s not the case. Exercise has been a “medicine” for pain for a long time. Even those suffering from arthritis are recommended to be exercising regularly. A simple exercise like stretching might be all you need to alleviate your back pain. However, you should do it in moderation. Don’t strain yourself.

Speak to A Specialist

Sometimes the pain might be too much you might need to see an expert. You might be exercising but you are not doing it right. A specialist will give you the best recommendations. He will develop an exercise plan that will help you deal with the pain effectively. Some medications may help deal with back pain. However, none works for everyone. A specialist is the best bet. We can help you if you are in Allen TX.

Maintain a Good Posture

Poor posture is a major cause of back pain. You might be exercising regularly but your posture is putting unnecessary strain on your back. The pressure on your back can be increased by 50% if you have a poor posture. Lower the pressure on your back by keeping the right amount of curvature. This will reduce back pain. 

Use Heating & Cooling Bags

Heat and cold is an effective way of lowering pain. It is mostly very effective when you are dealing with pain from an injury. It is recommended you make use of the pads in the first 48 hours of the injury. It is more recommended if there is any swelling. It might work in lower back pain as well. Make sure to protect your skin while you are using the heating pads. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking does more harm than good. It will affect your lungs and still affect your back. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine suggests that smokers are likely to experience back pain than non-smokers. Nicotine in tobacco makes it hard for the small blood vessels to deliver blood to your soft tissues. If enough blood is not delivered to the soft tissues, it might cause back pain. 


Studies suggest that relaxation techniques can help alleviate back pain. These techniques include yoga, tai chi, deep breathing, and meditation. These methods relax your mind and this can help relieve back pain.

Final Words

When it comes to your back pain, there are numerous reasons. While not all the reasons might apply to your lifestyle, treatments for this will definitely apply. So, if you are looking for a positive way to reduce your back pain, consulting a chiropractor is the way.

We at Allen Health Chiropractor can help you with your back pain and posture related health issues. Contact us today for a consultation. We promise to help you in every step so that you can lead a painless and active lifestyle.

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